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I need you with me

We've got just a few months left in this critical fight. And all eyes are on California. The 48th congressional district could well determine who controls the majority come January. And we can't afford to leave anything to chance.

Harley Rouda is challenging a Republican whose ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin make even his Republican colleagues speak out against him – and we can't let Harley stand in the fight alone.

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Harley's opponent and his Republican colleagues in Congress promote an agenda that only helps the rich get richer, while everybody else gets left out.

These guys have sabotaged health care, threatened Medicare and Social Security, given billions in tax cuts to the richest one percent, reversed environment protections, and degraded our image around the globe.

Perhaps worst of all, they enable a thin-skinned bully in the White House, even when he publicly displays affection for dictators while attacking our allies and our own law enforcement agencies.

Harley Rouda is a voice for change. We can trust him to stand up to special interests, runaway power, and corruption. He's just the kind of leader we need in Washington to get us back to the work of solving problems, creating jobs, and restoring our democracy.

I need you with me.


Posted on August 6, 2018 in Campaign Updates.

Washington is in desperate need of real, meaningful, and lasting change.
Our country and our people deserve better.

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