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NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- Mere days after declaring victory in the Primary Election for California's 48th Congressional District, technology entrepreneur and businessman Harley Rouda has the wind at his back, receiving high-powered endorsements from:

Former Governor of Vermont and DNC Chair Howard Dean U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu U.S. Congresswoman Julia Brownley California Board of Equalization Member Fiona Ma California Democratic Party First Vice Chair Alex Rooker California Democratic Party Controller Dan Weitzman The Democratic leaders each released statements following the momentous endorsements:

“Harley Rouda pulled out a 126 victory by final count today to run against Dana Rohrbacher R- Trumpland. Lets send a Californian to Congress who actually cares about America and our kids!!” -- Former Governor of Vermont and Chair of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean

“Our nation faces an existential crisis, one that must be met by a Congress willing to challenge the current Administration for their failure to act lawfully and protect our democratic institutions from foreign interference. Harley Rouda is a principled and thoughtful leader who has the skills, compassion and persistence to be an outstanding member of Congress. I know that he'll fight tirelessly for better schools, a clean and safe environment, and a strong, thriving middle class economy in California. After a strong Democratic primary contest, it's time to unify and flip this district from Red to Blue!” -- Congressman Ted Lieu

"We need leaders in Washington who will stand up to the Trump Administration to advance California's values. Over the course of his campaign for Congress, Harley Rouda has built a reputation as a fighter and coalition-builder who will lead the way in expanding access to healthcare, prioritizing clean energies, and building an economy that works for everybody - not just those at the top. I'm proud to endorse Harley and look forward to serving with him in Congress." -- Congresswoman Julia Brownley

"Harley Rouda is the fighter Californians deserve. His support for health care for all proves he is a leader who is dedicated to standing up and fighting for the working families of Orange County. As a technology and business entrepreneur, he's dedicated to building a strong and thriving middle-class economy and creating jobs here in California. I know that Harley will defeat Republican Dana Rohrabacher and work to create a more compassionate, inclusive Congress that will serve all Americans. I'm with him all the way." -- Fiona Ma, California Board of Equalization Member and Front-Runner Candidate for California State Treasurer

“Harley Rouda is a proven leader who I trust to stand up to the current Administration and protect California’s values as a member of Congress. He’ll be a passionate voice for universal health care and affordable higher education, focused on improving lives for families in Orange County. I'm fully convinced that Harley is the best person to defeat Putin’s favorite Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, and I’m with him 100%." -- Alex Rooker, First Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party and Highest Ranking Woman in State Democratic Party Leadership Nationwide

"We need more effective leaders in Washington that will move our country forward. That's why I'm proud to endorse Harley Rouda for Congress. I'm fully confident that Harley will enact a forward-thinking agenda that keeps families together, passes healthcare for all, protects our environment and prioritizes clean energy technology and jobs. Harley will bring the resistance to Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher's front door and stand up to this reckless administration. Harley has my full support." -- Dan Weitzman, California Democratic Party Controller

On Monday, Rouda's campaign to unseat Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and represent California's 48th Congressional District advanced to the November General Election.

Posted on June 27, 2018 in Press Releases.

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