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Harley Rouda Expands Coalition of Support

Capping off a wildly successful week on the campaign trail, today technology and business entrepreneur, Democrat Harley Rouda, scored a trio of new endorsements in his campaign to represent California's 48th Congressional District seat. The endorsements, which follow news from earlier this week that Rouda topped over $1.2 million raised, come from Laguna Unites Co-Founder D'Shawn Kerrins, Malibu City Council Member and former Malibu Mayor Lou La Monte, and Malibu City Council Member and former Malibu Mayor Laura Rosenthal.

In making public their backing of Harley Rouda for Congress the trio released the following statements of support:

"I'm with Harley Rouda 100%. Amid all the chaos in the White House and in Congress, I know we can count on Harley Rouda to help navigate America beyond these treacherous waters and move us forward towards a path of progress, stability and prosperity. Whether it's environmental protection, healthcare for all or building a strong middle class economy, Harley Rouda is the best choice to move us forward." -- Laguna Unites Co-Founder D'Shawn Kerrins

"Harley Rouda is the only candidate I trust to move us forward in Washington. He's deeply knowledgable about public policy, from environmental protections to healthcare for all, and from job creation to advancing equality in every element of our society. I know he'll be a thoughtful, accessible and highly effective representative in Congress, who fights every day to bring California values to Washington." -- Malibu City Council Member and former Malibu Mayor Lou La Monte

"Harley Rouda is the real deal. He's smart, passionate and has the guts to take on Donald Trump's backwards agenda in Washington. I know Harley Rouda will work to move us forward, fighting to protect and expand healthcare, stop off-shore oil drilling and advance clean and renewable energy power like wind and solar to protect our environment and created more good paying jobs. I'm proud to support Harley." -- Malibu City Council Member and former Malibu Mayor Laura Rosenthal

Posted on January 26, 2018 in Press Releases.

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