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This is our best shot

Can you feel it?

There's something in the air. It's crackling with excitement.

Democrats need to win just 24 seats to take back the House and finally make progress toward affordable health care, a clean energy economy, and equality for all – and hold Donald Trump accountable for his outrageous power grabs.

And right here in Orange County, we have the best shot in the country to get it done. We have a big deadline this week to prove that we can make it happen.

What matters most is the number of people who join our campaign – will you chip in $3 right now?

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's support continues to plummet as news revelations about his ties to Russia reveal more about who Rohrabacher is really working for every day. But you better believe that Donald Trump and the right-wing SuperPACs are going to step it up – so we need to fight back!

Let's make real progress for America:

Donate $3 now to grow our movement and kick Rohrabacher out of office once and for all!


Posted on September 27, 2017 in Campaign Updates.