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To be a fly on the wall at that "nice little dinner"...

When I first learned of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's "nice little dinner” with Trump's shady former campaign chair Paul Manafort, I wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall.

Well, now we have a chance to find out.

This week, CNN confirmed that Manafort had been under surveillance by American intelligence services for more than two years, likely due to his ties to Russian oligarchs and Russia-aligned Ukranian politicians. That means Rohrabacher's "nice little dinner” might reveal some "nice little collusion” with foreign officials, if the public is able to get their hands on those wiretaps.

It's time that we find out, once and for all, who Dana Rohrabacher is working for: us or Russia? Sign the petition and tell the FBI to investigate Rohrabacher's ties to Russia!

We need common sense leaders who are focused on creating jobs, improving our schools, defending our civil liberties, and growing our clean energy economy here in Orange County.

Even the GOP House Majority Leader thinks Putin pays Rohrabacher. The American people deserve to know where his priorities lie, and we need to know NOW.

We don't have time to waste to protect our democracy. Add your name and tell the FBI to investigate Rohrabacher's ties to Russia!


Posted on September 23, 2017 in Campaign Updates.

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