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Stop coastal drilling off California's shores!

Remember Deep Water Horizon?

How about the Santa Barbara oil spill?

We don’t need another dangerous, deadly accident like that to happen off of California’s beautiful coast.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher could make that possible. Trump recently signed an executive order to expand offshore oil drilling—and Rohrabacher has long supported drilling along our coasts.

The unthinkable damage of an oil spill to our marine life, our fragile beaches, and our economy must be prevented. Tell Congress: No new oil drilling off the California coast!

The Republican mantra of “drill, baby, drill” does not take into effect the thousands of lives that would be impacted by devastating oil spills.

What we need is an investment in clean, renewable energy that grows our economy. Sign the petition: Tell Congress no new oil drilling off the California coast!

I’m running for Congress because I believe we can turn our region into one of the greatest clean energy job creators in the world. Let’s get it done!


Posted on June 6, 2017 in Campaign Updates.

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