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Groundswell of Over 50 Orange County Grassroots Activists Endorse Democrat Harley Rouda in Congressional Bid

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — On the heels of announcing he surpassed $200,000 raised and underscoring the electricity and groundswell of grassroots support swirling around businessman Harley Rouda’s bid to represent California’s 48th Congressional District seat, today his campaign, which to date has signed up hundreds of volunteers, rolled out a new list of 50 community endorsers.

Upon unveiling the sizable list of backers only weeks into his campaign, businessman Harley Rouda released the following statement:

“I’m running a people-powered, people-fueled and people-focused campaign. It’s a bottom up movement that we’re building– not top down. Today’s announcement serves as evidence of this fact and it showcases how we’re putting progress, compassion, inclusivity and people first in order to take on the entrenched system in Washington, including our extremist representative in Congress, Dana Rohrabacher. I am deeply grateful for this strong showing of early grassroots support. These community leaders are helping us build an organization that will mobilize into boots on the ground for our outreach efforts that will ultimately help us get out our message so that we prevail on Election Day.”

Those who are endorsing Rouda today include:

Those who previously endorsed Rouda include:

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of several recent campaign updates, all of which reflect Rouda’s increasing momentum, including:

Upon rolling out today’s record-smashing numbers for a Democrat in California’s 48th District, Maclen Zilber, one of Rouda‘s campaign consultants, released the following statement:

“Every day it’s becoming increasingly clear that Harley Rouda, a first time candidate, is a prodigious fundraiser with wide-ranging appeal. Moreover, these strong numbers help to shine a bright spotlight on the fact that people don’t just believe in Harley Rouda as a person, but they believe in him as a candidate, and as the best person to truly represent the interests of the 48th. We are incredibly encouraged by this robust showing in just a few weeks since our campaign began and plan to double down and keep raising to ensure we have the resources to run a successful campaign.”

Rouda announced his campaign just weeks ago. Recently, he spoke to a crowd of over 600 grassroots activists at an event organized by local Democratic Clubs and the Orange County Democratic Party. To view his remarks, please visit his Facebook page here and scroll down to his Facebook live coverage from the event.

Harley Rouda is a successful businessman who has created several successful companies, and now serves on the board of numerous companies in a variety of industries. Rouda received an MBA from The Ohio State University, and a J.D. from Capital University Law School. He lives in Laguna Beach, with his wife Kaira Rouda, a bestselling author. They have four children.

Active in numerous charities and civic organizations over the years, Harley has been involved in fighting homelessness and domestic violence; active with Human Rights Watch; supporting education for the disadvantaged as well as supporting access to higher education; saving military jobs; and working with civic organizations to drive economic development.

The 48th Congressional District is considered a ripe pickup opportunity for Democrats, as Hillary Clinton won the district by 2%. The district is seen as all the more winnable given that Rohrabacher is an unabashed supporter of Russia’s Putin, and is one of Donald Trump’s closest allies in Congress. The 48th Congressional district also had one of the largest swings of any Congressional district in the country from 2012 to 2016, with more than 13 percentage points at the presidential level shifting to Democratic.

Posted on March 30, 2017 in Press Releases.

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